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There are financial options to help you pay for school


Make sense of your financial options.

教育是对你自己、你的梦想和你的未来的投资. 这也是靠谱的菠菜app将帮助你实现的承诺——你永远不必独自一人.

Our Finance team is available to explain tuition rates 还有你项目的其他费用, as well as guide you through every payment option so you can discover what works best for you – keeping you on right financial path toward earning your degree.


At University of Phoenix we know that each student is unique, and that every student’s financial situation is different. 对每个学生来说,第一步也是最重要的一步是制定财务计划. Having a financial plan allows you to estimate the full cost of tuition and fees for your program. 请查看靠谱的菠菜app关于负责任借贷的视频,了解所有相关知识.


为了让你的教育真正得到回报,你需要做出正确的财务决策. If you’re using federal student loans to pay for tuition, your goal should be to borrow only what you need. 这些简单的指导方针将帮助你负责任地借款并保持低还款额.

  • Make a budget. 回顾一下你的教育总成本——包括你的生活费用.
  • Explore resources you don’t have to pay back. Does your employer offer tuition benefits? Will you search and apply for grants and scholarships?
  • 考虑用你自己的钱. Can you use any savings or investments? Could you pay from your current income?


教育需要奉献精神和时间,以及某种形式的经济承诺. 看看下面关于支付教育费用的选项. 如果你有任何问题,不要犹豫联系财务顾问.

You have options to help you pay for your education

The 联邦财政援助 Plan is available to students who are interested in applying for federal grants, 联邦贷款或两者兼有,以支付合格学位或证书课程的学费.

A list of federal financial aid programs is available from the U.S. 教育部 学生资助网站,列于 Types of Aid. To begin the federal financial aid process, 你必须完成联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA), available at http://www.fafsa.gov. 申请联邦财政援助时,你需要学校代码. 靠谱的菠菜app的FAFSA学校代码是 014593.

除了FAFSA, students who anticipate using federal financial aid may also be required to complete and submit these documents:

If accepting offered student loans

  • 总本票(MPN)
  • 入学咨询

You are responsible for payment of tuition and course materials fees not covered by federal financial aid seven days prior to the payment period start date at the time classes are invoiced.

The 学费延期 payment option is available to students who will receive military education benefits or whose employers pay some or all of their employees’ tuition, 强制性的费用, 和/或销售税, as applicable. Under the 学费延期 payment option, tuition, 强制性的费用, and sales tax, as applicable, 是否会在付款期开始时以单一发票的形式进行评估和开票.


The University will directly bill the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or U.S. Department of Defense for the student’s tuition, 强制性的费用, and sales tax, as applicable, and will defer payment of the applicable course’s tuition, 强制性的费用, and sales tax, if applicable, based on these agencies’ reimbursement policies and timeline. 强制性费用和销售税, as applicable, not anticipated to be reimbursed by these agencies are payable in full at the time of invoice or incrementally prior to the start of each applicable course.

The University does not encourage or require a student using military Tuition Assistance benefits to pay his or her mandatory fee prior to attending class.


大学将推迟支付适用课程的学费和销售税, as applicable, 这取决于学生何时能从雇主那里得到补偿.  强制性的费用, including the course electronic materials fees, and sales tax, as applicable, not anticipated to be reimbursed by the student’s employer are payable in full at the time of invoice or incrementally prior to the start of each applicable course or term.

GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 有关退伍军人事务部提供的教育福利的更多信息,请访问美国官方网站.S. 政府网页 benefits.va.gov/gibill.

如果有合格的第三方支付你的学费和杂费,靠谱的菠菜app可以把账单寄给他们. Under the 第三方收费 Plan, 大学直接向认可的雇主收取学生的学费.

Students should contact a Finance Advisor to determine if their employer is approved for direct billing and to coordinate any required documents, which typically include vouchers provided by that third party. Students are responsible for payment of their tuition and electronic course materials fees not covered by the third party seven days prior to each payment period.

A cash payment plan is available to students who would like to use e-checks or credit cards to pay for tuition and electronic course materials.  在每个付款期开始前一个星期全额付款.

在考虑私人贷款选择时,了解你的权利和责任. 清晰准确的信息可以帮助你做出明智的选择, so you borrow only what you need and can reasonably repay.

The University encourages that all federal and state financial aid options are exhausted before private loans be considered. 民间贷款是通过第三方贷款人和其他金融机构发放的, 并受信用审查和个人贷款人条款和条件的约束. 私人贷款不受联邦政府的补贴或担保. 有关联邦贷款和私人贷款区别的更多信息,请访问 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Private student loans may be available to both students and parents who are not eligible for federal financial aid, or who need assistance beyond their financial aid eligibility. 贷款人确定资格, 而且金额限制为学费减去其他资助, including discounts and any other resources received.

菠菜app有哪些不认可私人学生贷款的特定贷款人. Therefore, when applying for private student loans, students may choose any lender as long as it recognizes the University of Phoenix as an eligible institution. Visit Studentaid.ed.gov to learn more about the differences between 联邦和私人贷款 还有支付大学学费的选择.


来自奖学金和助学金, to past experience and transfer credits, you have options for reducing the cost of earning your degree. Not everyone will be eligible for these options. 请联系财务顾问,看看你是否有资格,以及你可能有任何问题.

Scholarships and grants can help reduce education costs

Did you know that you can earn credits toward your associate or bachelor’s degree at less than half the cost per credit? The University allows you to apply relevant learning, work and life experience toward college credits through the 前期学习评估 (PLA)过程.

PLA credit may apply toward both the lower division and upper division credit requirements of the University's undergraduate degree programs, unless specified otherwise in policy or limited by the state or jurisdiction of a student's residence.

For assistance, please contact us at 866.440.4707 或电邮至 plac@nshjh.net. Students submitting supporting documents: fax to either 602.643.0364 or 480.643.1542.


You may be able to fulfill some elective, interdisciplinary and/or general education courses through the PLA process – allowing you to save time and money while earning your degree. 有资格获得PLA学分, 你必须是已经被菠菜app有哪些录取的本科生. In addition, you must have submitted your transcripts to the University, 而且你必须有获得学位所需的剩余通识教育或选修学分.

提交申请前, we suggest that you contact an Academic Advisor to discuss whether PLA would be beneficial to you and how credits can be applied to your degree program.

Note: 解放军学分不能应用于教育副学士学位课程.


有一个一次性的提交费和每学分评估适用于你的计划的费用. 一次性提交费用为 $150, and the fee per credit assessed is $75.

不符合资格的解放军费用将由助学金支付. You may be eligible for a corporate discount or fee waiver. 申请到PLA流程不保证学分将被申请, so please read the qualifications carefully. Speak with an Academic Advisor about whether your experience can qualify for university credit, and for more information on the full PLA process.



  1. Create a 专业培训作品集. 这个作品集将包括一个机构或公司培训课程的描述, 完工日期, number of hours of training and other essential information, 例如课程描述.
  2. Write an 体验式学习论文 在一个认可的话题上. Experiential essays must be selected from a list of approved topics and written in Kolb’s experiential learning model, 这表明知识是如何从具体经验中获得的, reflection, 理论与应用. Review the experiential learning essay topic list and 科尔布的学习模式 为了了解更多.

你是否在某一特定领域有专业知识或广博知识? 在完成国家测试考试并收到及格分数后, 你可能会获得学士学位课程的本科学分. To find out more about these programs, contact an Enrollment Representative to review the testing options and see if you’re eligible to take a national testing program.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

For a nominal fee, undergraduate students can take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). 你可以通过在课堂之外获得的知识获得大学水平的学分. Getting a satisfactory score on any of the 34 available CLEP examinations can help facilitate undergraduate degree completion.

Many of our 学校的位置 是否有授权的考试中心可以让你在电脑旁参加90分钟的考试.

DSST Credit by Exam Program (formerly known as DANTES)

The DSSTTM credit by Exam Program (formerly DANTES), 提供38个学科领域, 你可以通过在职培训获得大学学分, professional development or other life experiences. 您可以在靠谱的菠菜app的许多校园地点参加这些测试,以及CLEP.

For additional DSST testing resources, you can:

DSST is a trademark of Prometric Inc.

精益求精的大学考试 (formerly Regents or ACT/PEP)

精益求精的大学考试 give you the opportunity to test out of courses in nursing, business, education – as well as the arts and sciences.


High school seniors can apply the knowledge they’ve gained in advanced placement courses to earn college credit in certain subject areas by taking the 大学先修课程考试.


伯利茨提供多种语言教学项目和服务. Berlitz Language Evaluations are 90 minutes long and evaluate the language proficiency level of the candidate in speaking, listening, 阅读和写作.

招生办公室决定授予学分的数额, based on the official evaluation results. 学分适用于传播艺术及通识教育范畴.

Contact the Phoenix, Arizona Berlitz Language Center 查阅详细说明,并安排参加伯利茨语言评估.

Berlitz is a registered trademark of Berlitz Investment Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Defense Language Proficiency Tests

现役军人可以参加标准化的语言能力考试 国防语言学院.

小贴士:正在申请奖学金,但不知道从哪里开始? Try using iGrad’s scholarship search feature. 登录你的学生门户网站,在你的帐户选项卡下查看奖学金部分.


大学提供 军事利率 for members of the military and their spouses. In fact, our military division is well-versed in the 蒙哥马利GI法案, the 后9/11 GI Bill® 还有其他选项,比如 黄丝带计划.


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 有关退伍军人事务部提供的教育福利的更多信息,请访问美国官方网站.S. 政府网站 http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

University of Phoenix offers 军事利率

PRO TIP: Loans have to be paid back with interest, 在未来的预算中为此做计划是很重要的. A general guideline is that your future standard monthly payment will be about $10 for every $1,你借了000美元.


University of Phoenix protects students with established loan policies and follows federal regulations that govern student loan requirements.

The 学生贷款行为准则 creates and maintains uniform student loan practices that focus on the best interest of the student borrowers. It also manages relationships between school employees, 学习机构, lender advisory board members and student loan organizations. We encourages students to review the 学生贷款行为准则 to learn about loan regulations.

通过电子邮件靠谱的菠菜app PLL@nshjh.net with any questions about this document.

PRO TIP: Just because you are eligible for a maximum loan amount doesn’t necessarily mean you should borrow it all. 记住,你借的越多,还的就越多——所以只借你需要的.


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